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We know You Have A Choice…
Thank You For Choosing Us!

Enjoy fresh, specialty pizza and entrees made from family recipes at Maria's Pizzeria. With over 30 years in the business, our restaurant is family owned and operated. We know how to make the best of family recipes, and we want to share that with you. The customer service is always a top priority because we want you to not just enjoy your food, but enjoy the time you get to spend at the table with the ones you love.

Maria's Menu

Looking for the best Italian food out there? Look no further than Maria's Pizzeria! Since 1987, we've been serving delicious pizza, pasta, and entrees to our beloved customers in Wharton, NJ. 

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We know that the people you love mean everything to you, so we want to provide the best dining experience possible. 

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What Clients Say

Absolutely fantastic food - phenomenal quality, both: ingredients & cooking. Plus, super nice staff. Feels like home, tastes like home, almost can imagine you’re in fact in Italy!
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